The Shape of the Land

IMG_0682.JPG copyNow that the leaves are down, once again the contours of the countryside become visible. I like that. Sure, the leaves are unbelievable. The last two years spectacular in fact. I pinch myself looking at them. But after the fireworks, the peace and serenity of November woods. The deepening silence of first falling snow.

I know. Really early this year. It may be a long way till spring. But for the moment, take a walk in this open woods. Listen for the birds that remain or that are just arriving. Look for tracks in patches of snow. Feel the tang of coming winter on your face. Admit it: there were times in the past months when you hoped for a little bracing cold air, and seeing your breath.

Then come inside. Make a fire. Brew up some hot chocolate or open a bottle of wine. Watch the fire as the windows slowly go dark. Feel the comfort of warmth and shelter in the November night. Perhaps you have someone there to share all this with you. So much the better.

Happy late fall, everyone. And have a blessed holiday season, with much to be thankful for.

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